How can I import a FBX with item transformation retained?


By default, if I import a FBX as a static mesh of UE4, the item transformation is applied to polygons then blew away. So I always have item transformation cleared out that location: 0, 0, 0. Rotation: 0, 0, 0. Scale 1, 1, 1 after importing.

This comes to be a problem when using sockets, which have relative positions. Because the item transformation is blew away, and also because UE4 doesn’t update socket relative position before blowing away the item transformation, the socket position in world space will be wrong.

Is there a way to import a FBX with item transformations retained ?

Again, sockets relative position seems like a bug, as if UE4 clears out the item transformation, it should update socket position of the item as well. Otherwise, relative position doesn’t make much sense.

Hi Yashiz,

This was added in 4.12 to the import options. I think it was glossed over since it didn’t have a common name that most would recognize like “Retain Pivot and transforms” or something similar.

You now have the following options to use:

  • Transform Vertex to Absolute: When enabled, the mesh will retain its transform, offset, and pivot.
  • Bake Pivot in Vertex: This is an experimental feature that will take the baked in pivot rotation (if you’ve rotated your specific specifically in your modeling program). The pivot from the DCC will then be the origin of the mesh, Transform Vertex to Absolute must be disabled for this to work.


“Transform Vertex to Absolute: When enabled, the mesh will retain its transform, offset, and pivot.”

This is not the case with Max2017. The transform is always offset in Unreal and the scale is incorrect.