How can I import a character with hair made in MakeHuman and or Blender 3D 4.73?

I would like to be able to use the Blender 3D Hair Particle system on my characters that I am working on for my game that I’m designing. However from what I read in the forums on you site, it appears that there is not a way to do that. Is there a workaround that I can use?

The main issue with particle-driven hair in a realtime engine is that it is way too performance heavy, even if there was a way to bring it in. You mentioned that you use makehuman - I’d recommend looking at the mesh-based hair models they have to get an idea of how to attain good looking results with texture and geometry based hair: it is MUCH more suitable for realtime applications.

I made a tutorial for pretty much exactly this in UE4, hope it helps!

Also I used blenders hair particles to render a texture that I then apply to my hair planes, if you’d like to know how I do that just let me know and I can make a series on my MakeHuman/Blender to UE4 workflow for characters!!!