How can I import a character from Blender that were initially made from VRoid Studio?

Hi, I’m very much new to blender and UE but I’ve been trying to learn more about it as I’m developing my first game, and then I hit a great wall.

A vrm model to the unreal engine is easy to do thanks to tutorials BUT what I would like to do is:

  1. Create a character from vroid.
  2. Import it to blender.
  3. Add new rigged objects to the character which is the halo in the picture.
  4. Import the updated model to UE.

Step #4 is where I get stuck so hard and I’ve been watching many tutorials and yet to find the solution.

I’ve faced different issues in UE while trying different tutorials such as:

  • The imported model became so tiny.
  • The eye textures are broken.
  • The head and halo are missing.

I would like to ask If there is any solution that you could think of where I can completely import the rigs, textures, and such to UE’s predefined 3D character. Or if there is an easier workflow than what I’m currently doing. I would be deeply grateful!

go to youtube there are alot of vids on it