How Can I Import 3ds max Mesh Modifier Stack Animations? Better way to make a ShapeShifter?

Dear Friends at Epic,

#My Goal

I want to make a shape shifter race that can morph its mesh into various shapes during runtime.

My first approach has been to animate the melt modifier in 3ds max

When I add the animation of the mesh itself melting or reshaping itself,

This does not get carried over into UE4.

The animation of the bones does of course

And the Mesh in its starting state does,

But how do I carry over 3ds max mesh modifier stack stuff like animating Melt or Twist or other things?

Is there a better way to go about making a skeletal mesh that can melt into a blob and then reshape itself?



PS: Pics for clarity

I ran into the same problem when using melt modifier the other day and figured the best way was to get different phases of the melt as morph targets.

Hi Rama,

Mehmet is correct. In your 3D application you will want to save these modified meshes as morph targets, and then import the morph targets along with animations to drive them into Rocket.


Thanks Mehmet and Stephen!

I also found this resource just now for any others reading this

udn morph target

I will let you all know how I progress with this!


In addition to that you can store multiple morph targets to a single morph modifier(e.g. left wink to one slot, right wink to another and mouth open to another slot) and export all of those morph animations together. Then you’ll see them listed when you open up Persona.

Have fun!

Thanks so much!

how do I apply a morph target during game time?

I am trying to figure this out in the anim blueprint



ahh nvm I think i found it, set morph target :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!


I’m not sure why, I can see the morph target in the morph viewer

but no morph target asset was created as a separate thing like animation sequences are.

How can I import and create a morph target asset? (I see the filter for them in the browser


I can preview the morph but I cant figure out how to apply it, and the name imported as just M instead of Melt1

okay so I got it to show in the anim bp

but I cant figure out how to get it to show up in game

Can you provide a screenshot of your setup in Max?

In your 3D application, you will actually make an animation that uses the morph targets you created. Then in Rocket, you import the Animation Sequence along with the targets. This Animation Sequence is what drives the morph targets. These do not exist as separate assets outside of Persona.

Woohooo thanks for the info as always Stephen!

“This Animation Sequence is what drives the morph targets. These do not exist as separate assets outside of Persona.”

Then why is there a filter for Morph Targets in the Browser?

And I found way to directly set the morph target in the c++

FName WarriorMorphMelt = FName(TEXT("M"));

so instead of creating an animation sequence I think I will just use an interp function to give me more control and keep it low level

Thanks as always Stephen!

And thanks Mehmet!

Both of your support has enabled me get this going!


thanks again Mehmet and Stephen!


The filter for Morph Targets is still in the Content Browser because they have been separate assets in the past, and the current system may be altered for them in the future.