How can I implement Structs into my Blueprint?

I am not a programmer, but I hear many references to Structs and how great they are.

Can someone explain how I can put them to use in Blueprint?

Structs and Classes are the same thing in C++. Some people use struct instead of class if the class/struct mainly consists of data instead of functionality, and is supposed to be supplementary to other classes. In some engines a class like Unreals FVector would be considered a struct since it’s main purpose is to contain data (three float variables).

For using structs in UE4, has posted an introduction here:

I saw that tutorial, but I am looking for things more geared towards blueprint.

Are there any advantages that a struct has over a class in blueprint? Or can I just think class anytime someone says struct and not worry about it?

From blueprint perspective, in struct you should contain pack of varabales about somethin. In 4.2 it is planed to implement structs creation in blueprints.

Nice, I look forward to 4.2! :slight_smile:

Putting tons of variables under one roof is the feature about structs that seems to catch my interest the most.

Is this now possible?

Yeah structs are fairly well implemented in UE4.