How can I implement Max Payne dodge style to my game?

I’m a huge fan of the Max Payne series of games and I really like how bullet time works in this game. I’m still new to Unreal Engine, but would love to add a similar bullet time system to my project anyway. By bullet time, I mean more of the breakneck jumps performed by the character (dodge). Considering I’m new to the Unreal Engine, I have no idea what to do. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Hello. When writing this question, I was more concerned with the animations themselves and how the character performs breakneck jumps during bullet time.

It’s called time dilation:

Have you looked into it? You can slow anything down, and leave other things unaffected. This includes character movement, bullets etc.

Or are you talking about the actual character animations? Totally different thing.

Hello. I already knew how to use time dilation. Here I have more of a problem with the animations themselves. I would like to get this end result: Max Payne Bullet Time - YouTube .

I guess I found the answer to my question.

So it’s a question about character animations, not about bullet time, really :wink:

I know very little about that. It might be a good idea to re-post.

Sorry :slight_smile: Best to post and ask about character animations.

You would need your character animations first, like Walking, Running, Jumping, FireHandgun, FireMachinegun, FireShotgun and Dodge.Then you have to create a StateMachine, why? Those Animations are all seperate and to make the transition from one animation to another you create a Blendspace (to blend from Animation1 to Animation2). So, look into StateMachines, Blendspace and Animations. Some Animations are free in the marketplace or Mixamo or you use tools like Blender to create your own animations (Dodge).

Thank you for your response! Thanks for the tip!

Hi! I know this is a bit late but what you could maybe do is have 4 animations for the the dodge they also could be just static poses with one looking forward and the sides and also one for looking backwards and then do a 1d blend space and set the value as the camera rotation so if the value is 0 you are looking forward and if it is 180 then you’re looking backwards and maybe you can freeze the player rotation when dodging.

I am not a professional in game dev but I think this idea works well on paper.