How can I hit RuntimeMeshComponent or ProceduralMeshComponent on Android?

Both of them don’t support collision in mobile platforms, while I really need functions called when I touch the meshes.
In Unity I just need to construct a Mesh class and add a meshcollider to it, it works well in mobile platforms. But in Unreal, I am just told it’s not supported. This really make me confused and frustrated.
The above link said that I can rebuild engine to support RuntimePhysxCooking on mobile.
And In RMC’s github page, I noticed this sentence:
Collision MAY NOT be available on some platforms (HTML5).
Seems that Koderz does not mention the limit of mobile(he did mention it in marketplace page), although my rmcs has no response to the touches on mobile.

I try to rebuild engine today, but I can’t find “bRuntimePhysicsCooking” in the build.cs.
And I found this:

However, I’m using 4.18 and the RuntimePhysxCooking plugin is enabled. I still can’t have the collision.
Can someone help me?