How can I have my player take damage from colliding with a floor?

I just started with UE4 and blueprints, so i’m trying to start off creating a simple platforming game. I’m trying to have the player take damage and die when they touch the floor. I’ve been able to create a health variable, and destroy the player when they take damage. However, I cannot figure out how to actually have the player take damage from colliding with the floor. My best guess is to have the floor be the damage causer, but that only accepts actors. I’m guessing there might be an easier way to just kill the player, but I wanted to actually give the player health. Any help is greatly appreciated!

you could create a BP for a damage-giving floor. Take a look at the components section of a BP, you can add static meshes or box components etc. You could use those for the visible parts of the floor as well as collision detection/events etc. When the floor detects a collision, cast from it to the character to inflict damage.

Hey PWalsh,

Check out this post for some discussion on different ways of handling this, and see if any of it gets you started:

Hope that helps!