How can I have my gun fire bullets instead of the yellow ball projectile?

how can i change those projectile so that (yellow ball) in a real bullet, what i want is not change the mesh but if you shoot that it actually look like real shooting like in shooter game that can be downloaded, please i need help with that, i also want to leave bullet holes in the wall, so basicly almost the same as the shooter game.

in just working on this myself but can’t find any info on how to, but this is what i know…for fast or rapid firing weapons there is no projectile, it is done with a line trace from the barrel of the gun to the target point and the the trace has a hit point emitting damage. spawn decals or blood particles at the hit pint a mussel flash at the barrel and a bullet trace line particle to give the impression of flying bullets. hope this helps, i could post a BP when i figure it out if you like

I got a better understanding know, can you please let me know if you got, it would really help me

This is in the MiniGun BP which is attached to the Socket on the characters arm, the target hit point and firing sate are controlled in the character BP. The MiniGun has bones for animation and two sockets at the barrel tip one for the mussel flash position and one for the trace and bullet trail. my fire Rate is set at 0.01 for now. all the sounds and particles are from UE4 and i had to modify the bullet trail particle to have a source and target point. all works pretty well at the moment but ill refine it when i assign my own so

unds and particles. post you BP here when you have it finished so to help myself and others. Cheers

Hi DF CreationStudios,

If you are just looking for a different look to the projectile, but not different functionality, it is as simple as changing the sphere mesh to something you prefer! For instance, I used a chicken made by Paschall for my gun! You could also use a Bush, or Chair, or bullet! In this case they all function the exact same, as the mesh is not driving the core functionality of the projectile. In the images below, all I did was replace the sphere mesh with other meshes to achieve a new look to the same gun. Replace this with a bullet from a 3d modelling program and you will be well on your way to making a more realistic looking firearm.


That is what I already knew, you can do amazing funny things with a different mesh, but that’s not really what I want so I want to have many particles, for example that you could shoot some beams and fire balls ans stuff, but thanks you very much for the answer

Wow ok, thanks for the help, I will try it as soon as I can.

Hi DF Creation Studios,

Instead of spawning a static mesh, spawn your specific Particle Emitter with collision. The specifics to making it look the way you want will be done mostly through cascade, but the process of calling it to be used as a projectile is much the same as the static mesh system.


any complete tutorial in this topic ?