How can I have my enemey character check for holes in the ground?

Hi to all, i have try do 2d side scroller and i have enemy character blueprint , it moving from start level to end(in Event tick with add movement input) , but when level is ending(or ground have holes ) my enemy falls from level, so i need some how check on this holes, and if i find hole do my stuf, how i can do this with blueprint? thx

If you want to do something like death you could use a trigger volume and on entering the trigger doing something. Same for the end of the level, make a trigger that tells the game loop you finished the map.

thx for reply, i want do dynamically changing directional of move for my enemy character blueprint(it can moving automatically on platform left\right(x vector)), that mean i need some how check if platform is ending(or has a holes) and then change moving directional on other side.

Just do a line trace down slightly in front of the enemy character. The distance of the lincast would be the maximum distance it can fall down. If it does not hit anything, turn it around.