How can I have my character ride a physics object normally?

So, in the game I am making the character will use a boat to travel around the world, making it a pretty important part of the game as the boat sequences function as the HUB for the game world.

There’s only one major problem; whatever I do, my character doesn’t seem to be able to ride the boat. The boat is a physics object and, due to it being a boat on the sea, it has buoyancy physics applied to it. This is essentially what happens whenever the character rides the boat;

Attempting to enter the boat


I have tried everything with the settings and am seriously at a loss of how to complete this.

  1. Tried to turn off collision for the character and attach it to the boat. No dice. Character just falls right through the boat.
  2. Tried with only query collision. No
    dice. Physics goes batshit insane.
  3. Tried CCD (on both or either).
    Physics go batshit insane.
  4. Tried turning off collision for
    character mesh only. Physics go
    batshit insane.

I have tried a few other settings, all with the results of either the physics going nuts, or the physics actively pushing the character off the boat. Anyone knows how I can get my character to ride a boat? The problem is that due to the manners in which the character should be able to disembark the boat, I cannot just make a boat with a character mesh on it and make the player character invisible. If possible, I REALLY need him to ride that boat.

you could make an event where if you press a button, and you are within a certain distance of the boat, you disable the characters collision entirely, and turn off physics/gravity on him, then attach him to the boat. if attaching is really not working, you could get the boats world position and then set that to your characters position in update. Hope that helps!