How can I have a lineTrace go into one side of a sphere, and out the other?

I’m trying to make a mechanic where you can point a laser into a sphere; as soon as it touches the surface, the laser “breaks” so that it goes through the center of the sphere, and out the other end.

It doesn’t matter the angle of entry into the sphere; within the sphere, the laser starts where it initially hit, goes through the center, and out the other end, as a diameter.

I’m very new to this and Honestly, I have no idea how to do it, or what my possibilities are.

I’m guessing the initial line Trace dies when it touches the sphere, and the sphere spawns a new line trace at that location, going through the center and out the other end towards whatever it’s going to touch in the world?

All guess work, Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

What you need is a Multi Line Trace.

This video actually shows exactly what you need:

Thank you, it’s a very informative video, but Actually this forms a regular straight line that goes through objects, what I need is to be able to break the line as though it’s going through a prism.

I solved it with a single line trace, But my answer is very specific to my case, so if anyone stumbles into this thread, I’m following it, and I’d be happy to help anyone.