How can i have a camera switch on a timer and be able to change it manually?

Hey guys, so i have a small interactive scene that has 5 cameras in it that cycle through each other with a 9 second delay. i also have switches all over the scene that you can click on that will also switch to the next camera in the series. Problem is the timed cameras are switched by a variable and the trigger switches just forces the game mode camera to be the next camera, so if the delay say has 2 seconds left and you press the trigger the camera starts to blend to the next camera and once the delay ends the transition resets and plays again.

I’m new to this if you haven’t realized yet so i have some ideas but i don’t know how to execute them. i could have the triggers simply add to the variable but i can’t figure out how to call that variable in separate blueprints. i’ve made the variable public but i still can’t call it in any other blueprint except the level blueprint (which is where the timer is). i’ll post some screenshots of how i have it working. i’ve disabled the switches for now because it’s really not working that well.

i could also have a timer that when it reaches over 9 seconds the camera would switch and then the triggers could just add 9 seconds to the timer whenever they’re pressed, but again, i’m not sure how to add to the timer from a separate script. i guess i could make all the switches in the level blueprint all together and reference all the objects that i’m clicking on? but that would be very messy and tons of stuff happening.