How can I group pickups together?

I have a level that contains 6 pick up items, I want the user to have to collect all the pickups and then return to the spawn point to win the game, does anyone know how I can go about this?

Make UMG widget that displays what items player collected.
Make overlap trigger box or capsule/sphere around pickups.
When player is close to pickup it triggers onbeginoverlap event.
When its triggered set variable that tells umg that this item was picked up. Also destroy actor in level when its picked up by player.
Then in umg widget display state of items.
When all are picked up display message that all is collected time go home.

Sorry I’m relatively new how do I create a UMG Widget and what do I do within that?

Sounds like you are going to want to check out some tutorials. You should also specify exactly what parts you are needing help with and what you have completed already. Put some pictures of your blueprints up then we will have a better idea of how to help

The UMG Inventory Tutorial should have all the core mechanics to collect and view pickups. At the spawn you would have to check the Players inventory is full to determine win. I would anticipate re-engineering your current implementation.