How can I grab and rotate an actor using Top-Down Perspective?

Hello all! This seems simple but I’ve been struggling with it. I’m in the default top down perspective and I place an actor in the level. What I’m trying to do is get the mouse to grab this actor while holding a mouse click over it and then simply rotate it around it’s z-axis. The actor will eventually be a turret that the player left-clicks to spawn and then will have the ability to hold right click over the turret and then have it rotate around so the player can aim the turret.

Currently, I’m at a point where I spawn the turret at the click location. I then created an Object Channel in Project Settings > Collision > Object Channel and created a specific type which I gave to my “turret” actor. The mouse now checks to see if I clicked on that specific actor type and all of that works but all efforts to grab this and rotate it around with the mouse have failed for me. I’ve attached my most recent efforts. Any suggestions or help here would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Bump please. Really stuck here.