How can I get when an event is called in a parent actor?

I am building a quest system for my game. I have an actor in the world that will act as a objective mark and will be attached to another actor as it’s child in the level.

I am using an interface to interact with various actors in the world. I want to be able to call a function/event in a child blueprint when I call the interact function in the parent. I an trying to avoid casting to the parent from the child (and using a normal event dispatcher) because there are so many possibilities of what the parent could be as it could be any interactable actor.

Is there a way of either having a common event dispatcher in all blueprint actors so it won’t require a cast or a way of binding to an event from an interface in a child actor in a *Get Parent Actor > Does have interface > when interface function is called > do thing *

You say you want to call an event in a child from the parent. That’s ok with interfaces.

If you really want to go back the other way, I guess you could pass a reference to the parent ‘actor’ ( un-typed ) to the child. Then at least it can make the call.

So this isnt the easiest to understand, So ill try again,

When my character interacts with an actor (the parent) and calls an event i want a secondary event to also be called in the child at the same time, usually i would call an event dispatcher in the parent that child would listen for, but the parent can be any of a number of blueprints and i would like to avoid a list of casts to all of the potential blueprints as there are a lot of them.
i hope that makes more sense.

so what im asking is either, is there a way to make a generic event dispatcher that exists in all actors/blueprints and thus doesnt require a specific actor reference (can just be called from a generic actor reference)
or is there a way to event dispatch an interface event.

Yes, I get it ( I think ).

You can’t have a generic dispatcher, the listener has to know the handler in order to listen.

But you can send interface messages to anything. When your character interacts with the parent, why not just send a message to the child? If the child doesn’t implement the interface, no harm done.

EDIT: You can have totally anonymity, but for that you need either C++ or a plugin:

i see what you meant now, That is such a simple and logical solutions im kicking myself for not seeing it, Thank you thats great.