How can I get Tick Count when deploying for Android?

It appears that GetTickCount() will not compile when deploying for android. Is there a UE4 API equivalent I should know about?

What exacly you trying to do? maybe UE4 already got solution for that, check out API refrence:

Search is buggy, but you can also use offline version in Engine/Documentation/CHM/API.chm

GetTickCount() is a WINAPI function, so using it obviously won’t be available on non-Windows platforms. Using platform-specific functionality is kind of defeating the purpose of using an engine. If you’re trying to create timers, why not use the built-in engine functionality?

Overriding the Tick() and TickActor() functions comes to mind, as well as using the globally available timer manager (by calling GetWorldTimerManager() on any AActor), which allows you to create timers (documentation here).

Depending on your use case, you may want to use FPlatformTime::Cycles(), FPlaformTime::Seconds() or world-relative UWorld::GetTimeSeconds() (this handles pausing), UWorld::GetRealtimeSeconds() (this doesn’t account for pause).

For gameplay purposes, I suggest using world methods. For low-level/tech stuff FPlatformTime provides the most precise clocks available on the platform.

To be clear: In Windows, FPlatformTime::Seconds() uses “QueryPerformanceCounter()”. That means it’s supposed to be as high-perf as you can get. Platforms may vary on precision, however.