How can I get this effect?

I have attached to my character a post process volume, but I dont know how to call and increase them in the blueprints.

What effect? The reddish outline of the screen?
There are many ways of doing things of course, and I am not the best to tell anyone how to do things as I learn from myself and not correct answers… but, I have done similar by vingette control of post processing blendable material. Then adding that as an camera animation, when HP is low.

Probably better solutions are around, but if you want, you could try a really simple solution by creating a “camera animation” set to loop, from the content browser, that has a camera track for float variables such as vingette, contrast and colour balances, which is triggered in blueprints when HP reach the set low levels. When HP goes back up, you stop the same camera animation.

Using timelines gets you smoother results instead of on and off.

Fun game btw, Chivalry is!

Custom vinnieyte. Link the opacity of it with health maybe?

A cheap way is to use a umg the size of the screen and bind its opacity value.

Health at 100% = 1

So got to use some math to get the difference so opacity would be 0 at 100 and .9 at 10%

So that’d be like opacity = health float minus max health?

1-1=0 opacity
1-.5=.5 ect

And if your using whole numbers for health like 100 then first take health and divide it by max health to get it in a 0-1 range i.e.: 90/100 = .9 - 1 = .1

Yeah, I love this game, and when I saw the low health effect, I fall in love XD

Its a nice damage effect and I think that it’s possible in ue4

Any things possible just not as easy as a built in setting.

Ikr m8
I’ll try this week get the post process effect. If not, I’ll import a very high quality image :smiley: