How Can I get the steam_api.h?

Hi.I am using UE4 4.11.2. I want to integrate with steamwoks.I follows this links Online Subsystem Steam Interface in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation
Then I want to use steam_api.h, it can not include,why? Who can give me some help?

I mean I use #include “steam_api.h”
it tell me that no such file

You have to be a Steam developer. This means you are signed up and have a unique set of app IDs.
Then you can download the Steam SDK

yeah,I have the appid ! I mean is there any simple way to include it .My steam_api.h is in ”ThirdParty/Steamworks/Steamv132/sdk/public/steam/steam_api.h“

I have got it. There is a easy way to do ! Writing it is as a plugin!