How can I get the mouse owner?

I am trying to make an object spawn on the owners mouse but anything I add on it keeps asking for a target, I dont know what to put here, please help me.

Where is this logic contained? It appears to maybe be an actor blueprint? I think you have somehow gotten the wrong node for getting the player controller.

The GetOwningPlayerController node you are using wants a Camera Manager as the target. You can tell by the italic text beneath the name of the node. This blueprint does not appear to be a camera manager so it was probably copy pasted in or added without Context Sensitive on.

Try removing the node and adding a new GetPlayerController node and plugging that in.

the problem with that is it will only go to player 0, i need this for the current player that calls this function.

Also using your suggestion now spawns nothing :confused:

Player 0 is the current player. The player integer only matters for multiplayer on a single client like a brawler or a fighting game like mortal kombat,

How are you determining nothing spawns? Have you tried printing the result of the spawn?

With your current setup you are going to spawn something that in no way has a relation to being on screen. The mouse position will be returned in pixels and not world units. I am guessing you want to spawn something in world units in relation to the screen space of the mouse; if so, then you will need to use something like GetHitResultUnderCursor and spawn at the hit location.

ok thanks

please could you show me a picture of how it should be done ?

Sure thing. This traces to the world under the mouse cursor and if it hits something it will spawn an actor at the location of the hit.

thankyou :smiley: exactly what i was looking for!