How can I get the Local Angular velocity of a rigid body

Hi All,

I am working on a space flight game currently, and the spaceship is a plain rigid body with a selection of physics thrusters attached at key points.

I do not want to apply any sort of damping since it is simulating space flight and there would be no drag.

I Am trying to build a stabilization mod for the spacecraft, that when used, will attempt to stop the space craft from spinning, (basically zero out its angular velocity).

I know I could do this with lerping the angular velocity, or by applying damping. But I am trying to do it with the opposing thrusters (rockets)

I have the logic down now except for the fact that I can only get the angular velocity in world space, rather than local space.

Is there a way to get the local space version?

Hi ,

there is a blueprint node doing exactly what you need. I do not know the name by heart but if you put ‘inverse’ in your node browser search field you should get something like ‘get inverse transform vector’ or something like that. I am sure you will recognize the node I am talking about. There are two similar nodes, one for each direction of transformation. The tool tips will tell you which one to use. Just put in your angular velocity vector and your actor’s transform and you get your desired result.

I will add the correct node name as soon as I get home.

EDIT: As promised, the actual name of the node:


Thanks !

I’ll try this out tonight when I get home.

Thanks, works for me too.