How can I get the iOS build to succeed on a MacBook?

As far as I can tell everything is in place. I can’t seem to get a build to work at all unless I check out the entire repository but when I do that it completes but fails on deployment. I will attach logs. LOG

Hi mikezteh69,

The error in your log is similar to the error addressed in this answer hub post:

iOS launch failure

"You most likely have a specific mobile provision of the form and you have not specified that exact name in the App Bundle Identifier in the Project settings. Set the Bundle Identifier to the exact same name as the mobile provision identifier and it should work.

Provision Identifier Not Matched - Forum Post

iOS Mobile Provision Not Matching - AnswerHub"

Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.



I did find a lot of documentation and threads that mention that…but what is complicating things is that I have repeatedly checked all the locations and the is what I am using in the mobile provision currently. In every case that I can find they match at and in the engine (plist).

Please post a screen shot of your iOS provisions and Bundle identifier as shown here:

So to update you when I went to take a screen shot on my build computer it did not match my production computer. Even though I was doing the sync to latest revisions (Perforce) it was not getting all the files and I was having to do a manual get latest through P4V. Once I did that I got further but with a new unknown error. I was able to regress that through another web search that taught me, that for some reason, I need to have my WiFi off when I am going to sync an iPhone and sure enough that also resolved it.

I apologize for the confusion, I am still not accustomed to using the perforce integration in engine and I may just disable it and go manual from now on.

Thanks for updating and letting us know what you did to resolve your issue.