How can i get the height of a procedural ladder?

Hi guys,
i have created a procedural ladder (2D), and i added a collision box to the ladder and i want that collision box to have the same height as the ladder.
I tried to multiply the height of the ladder sprite with the number of loops from my blueprint , is working but not as i was expected.
You can see the images below.

You can do an offset meaning you multiply the height and minus the offset to get the exact height of the ladder.

Can you show me an example, how can i do that?

It seems like they might be misaligned - maybe you want a node in the construction setting the location of ‘Ladder Collision Box’ to the origin of the component bounds of the Paper Sprite.

Can you screenshot what the collision currently looks like using the ‘player collision’ view?

Another way is to just add two scene components to the ladder, one at the top, and the other at the bottom, and when you want to see how tall the ladder is, just get the difference in the distance between the two scene components.

The problem is that the “box extent” for the Box collision component is actually half the size of the box. It is essentially the radius of the box from the center point. So your box collision is probably being set 2x the size you want. In your blueprint, after you multiply by your increment variable, you can then multiply by 0.5 to get the correct size. As said above, you will have to then move your box collision up to the center point of the ladder so it lines up correctly.

Hope that helps

I made some changes in my BP, like the distance betwen the parts that create my ladder, in the loop body, at the begining, the distance was 78 or something like that, and now if i set 100 or 50 the collision box resizing work great, but i suppose it is not the perfect sollution.