How can I get the current Field of View?

Hello, as you can see in the screenshot below, I tried to get the current FOV, but my approach does not work, apparently because my cast fails. I am using the Unreal Engine only since a few weeks now therefore probably I am doing something very wrong here. Any tips how I make it right?


Update: **I went into my gameMode and chose as my Default Pawn Class BP My Character, now I can get the field of view BUT, I always get 90 out of it? Do I maybe get the wrong camera somehow? Before I simply set the FOV with the console command “FOW 110” but when I try to get the FOV then like in the picture above I get back 90.

Update2: I solved it, simply like this:


It works what is nice, but I would be glad if someone would explain some things to me here? It was more or less try and error. I guess GetCamera simply gives me the CameraComponents FOV in my BP_MyCharacter class. But shouldn’t this also change with the console command “FOW 110”?