How can i get rid of the huge comment bubble above the comment when zooming out?

I wanna zoom out to see everything and it all get messed up.

Is there anyway to disable it ?
I want only the normal comment to stay.

I don’t think it’s possible (though it should be). I would suggest first moving some of these code blocks into their own functions. If it’s still too cluttered, I would simplify them.

Epic has said it is something they would like to work on, but who knows when.

On Blueprints where I need to zoom all the way out to see, I just move everything around so that the comments line up without overlapping at that distance. One easy way to do that is to stagger them. Also, being less wordy helps. You might see a word that is just filler and isn’t actually relaying any useful information that can help you trim it down.

Another good thing to do is to stack certain nodes such as a variable that goes into a get node. You don’t really need it spaced out since you know it is going into it, or at least I have found that stacking them saves tons of room and takes the same amount of time to figure out what it is.

And of course, Collapse to Function is always your friend, but there are plenty of cases where you may not want to do that especially during prototyping.

One more thing, I have found Pure Functions to be a godsend because it is those large chunks of math that you have worked out and are pretty much set in stone that you can just smash down to a very small node and saves tons of room. I see quite a few places you could use a pure function even at this distance.

Anyway, once you tidy everything up it becomes immensely easier to straighten up the comments for far out viewing.

Thanks a lot for the advises and the help :slight_smile:
Function and macros are great! till i need to use : timeline, delays etc… :expressionless: ( I use them a lot, if they had this possibilities it would of been awesome ).
At the moment i’m ordering the blueprint by collapsing into nodes. seems to work pretty well at the moment.

You know, I have wanted to be able to get rid of these bubbles for so long. I don’t know at which version this functionality snuck in (or if was always there!) but anyway: Click on the comment box itself, and look in the details panel. There is a handy ‘Show bubble when zoomed’ checkbox (at least in version 4.19 there is!). :slight_smile: