How can I get player to jump inside a physics volume?

I have tried to get my FP player to jump inside a physics volume, think quicksand, but I have been unable to successfully accomplish this as of yet. I have played around in blueprints and spent most of today trying different combinations of getting my character movement and setting jump out of water pitch to changing gravity or using jump velocity as well, etc etc. Hoping someone can help me out? Thanks in advance.

Try using “Launch Character” instead of Jump.

I had similar “quicksand” challenge (character has to slowly fall through, but still able to jump out). I’m not using physics volume for that, just a trigger volume to check if the character is inside or not. If inside, then I override his Z-velocity:
If velocity.Z < 0, then set velocityZ = -0.2

→ If the character is falling down, make him fall slowly