How can I get my vehicle to move on my terrain correctly?

I have some trouble to move vehicle on the terrain.

as though,vehicle do not follow the terrain.

You use vehicle movement component right?

Yes, I’ve used it.I also create my own physics Asset.
I don’t know why, the vehicle move on the terrain like that.

strange as mine moves fine over the landscape, you might want to scale the physics asset down just to check

ps nice car :wink:

i am having the same issue…

what you could do is use collision and get the rotation of the hit to rotate the truck. as long as you set it to only be effected by ground you should be fine. i wouldn’t imagine it looking all that great though. it would be best to try this with each tire and have the car be the average location of the 4 tires then add on whatever you need to the location vector to make it look reasonable(when adding the vectors use rotatevector node first). it may look fine if you do this.

Does the stock vehicle system has some flag or setting so it the body and tires conform to the terrain?