How can I get my Top Down character to go on AI mode?

What would be the best way to go about getting my Top Down Character to temporarily go into AI mode?

I’d like to be able to get my controllable character to enter an instance where he would automatically go and perform a certain task for a short time without the player needing to control him until he gets back from that task.

Is it possible for a character to shift from having a player controller to having an AI controller and then vice versa? If so, how?

Or would I need to spawn in an identical looking AI character at the location of my Top Down Character after destroying it when I want it to go on an assigned task, and vice versa when I comes back from doing the task?

Or is there another commonly preferred way to go about doing this?

I’m working on test template on other things and I see, I have AiController as my player controller :slight_smile: This is just fps template.

So, not tested but should work - you can create different AiController - as blueprint (this in FPS template is core, but you can create new one). Name it as you wish and set it as player controller. Then you can manage when behavior tree should work or not.

It this thread is how to

Is how to stop, but how to run is even simpler, just on begin play, in controller → start behavior tree – here many tutorials how to start ai, poses etc.

This is Behavior Tree way, but you can do it everything (all ai actions, tasks, services, moves, EQS Query etc) in your player blueprint or even level blueprint, what not need to change anything in Controller of course (in very most cases).

Just remember about disable/enable player input when ai actions.

It’s what I needed to know.
Thank you!

No problem :slight_smile: And you can poses any pawn - if coded for player too, for example any pawn used by Ai.