How can I get my scene to reflect a Translucent, Unlit material? (Lumen, 5.3)

I have a scene that needs a translucent material (for a force field in a sci-fi hangar) which should appear in reflections and provide bounce lighting.

I’ve tried everything I could find through searches and experimentation to fix the issue (Planar Reflections, set as emissive source, etc). If I switch the material to opaque, it provides bounce lighting to the scene and also appears in reflections. When I switch bit back to translucent, it does neither.

Example Goal (Opaque blend mode):

Example Issue (Translucent blend mode):

I know I can fake the lighting with a light, but it’s not an aesthetically acceptable solution because the floors are very reflective and a faked lighting source looks obvious and awful.

Thanks in advance for any help! (Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m still pretty new to UE5).

Any ypdates on this? I am having the same problem