How can I get my players BACK to the lobby server after the game is over?

Hi folks. From my initial host lobby map I can get all my connected players to servertravel into my game mode and multiplayer map just fine. But what is the trick to get all connected players in my game mode BACK to a lobby session seamlessly? I send all my players to the load screen and then have the console command servertravel to the lobby map. I’m sure it’s not as simple as that but what am I missing?

Not sure I understand the question fully but can you create a function in game instance that sends player to the lobby (driven by a console command: open map node). And then at the end of the match timer or win threshold or whatever it is that ENDS the game, have that END trigger the function in GameInstance that sends the player back to the lobby. Or you can have the lobby as a widget and have the widget pop up after the game ends so there wouldn’t have to be any traveling.

So you’re saying since the server already contains all my players, I won’t have to create an additional session or server travel again via console command, but literally just open the lobby map via the open “open level”? That seems to crash the game each time. I followed Wes Bunn’s Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial and everything works fine. A player hosts a game which launches the lobby map. People join that session fine when they find a match. Then the servertravel console command successfully takes us all to a new map with the new mode to play our game.

At the end of the game, the event triggers the loading screen on all players, but after that loop is completed I’ve tried OpenLevel and putting my lobby map there and also console command servertravel /Game/Maps/Lobby which is the tactic that worked to get INTO the gameplay map, but then the game crashes each time.