How can I get my Mouse Position In Blueprint?

Hey! How would I go about getting the Mouse Position using Blueprint. The Mouse X and Mouse Y don’t seem to be what I’m looking for as they only give me delta x and y when I have the LMB held down.

#BP Library Plugin

I wrote a Blueprint Library plugin containing a set of nodes, one of which is the Get Mouse Position node :slight_smile:

I cannot compile my plugin in UE4 yet though as I am still waiting to receive my build.

Once I get up and running I can send you the plugin details so you can Get Mouse Position!

#Edit - Marc Audy is Right

You can use GetPlayerController and then Get Mouse Position

here is a picture!


Because input is tied to a player controller you need to get the player controller node and then call get mouse position from there. I don’t have the editor up in felt of me so I can’t double check the exact name however if you use the search it should come up fairly easily.

Thanks for clarifying this Marc!

Great to hear from you as always!



Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot!