How can I get my HUD show a score as it changes?

I am using [this system][1] to track the score in my own project, but i am having trouble getting my hud to print my score as text. It is receiving the initial score (0), but doesn’t seem to be updating the score as it changes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my HUD Blueprint as it stands.

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If you’re trying to get the score from another blueprint, you need to specify the instance of the blueprint you want to reference.

This is probably wrong and messy, but I added the variable to a blueprint, dragged a single copy to the game world. Used “get all actors of class” used the first result from the array to cast to the BP type and then set that instance of the item as the one to reference. (InteractChair is the name of the blueprint that I added the score variable to and it does nothing other to it than just hold the variable.)

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Looking at your blueprint, try chaining the draw text nodes to each other instead of using a sequencer. I know I had issues when I used sequencer nodes in the HUD.

Also, what UltraUberPieMan said, that’s the best way to communicate between HUD and Score Blueprints. It’s how I set mine up, keeping the score in the HUD and having my pickups communicate to it.