How can I get my camera setup in UE4 to match the setup I have in Maya?

I am trying to make first person animations but I can’t get the camera in UE4 to match up.

Does anyone know the settings I should use in Maya to look exactly like the one in UE4?? (Focal length, Aperture, etc.)


Hi dissonanceint,

I would suggest use the camera in UE4 rather than importing one from Maya.

I hope I’m not misunderstanding your issue but it sounds like the scaling for you character could be off.

Make sure that your character and animations are scaled correctly before export them into UE4 and then setup the camera as a component. As a reference, you could export the mesh of the First Person Template and size your character against it.

I hope that helps, TJ

Sorry for not explaining correctly :smiley:

I am not exporting the camera from Maya.
The scaling is correct. The only problem are UE4s (or Maya’s) camera settings.

This is what I meant.
I have set both my UE4 player camera and Maya reference camera at the same FOV, aspect ratio and position. The only setting which I am missing in UE4 which could misalign them is Focal Length. That way, I can’t get UE4 to look exactly as Maya from the same angle. I am testing different values and I will get them to align correctly eventually so it’s not a big issue but maybe you know what the equivalent Maya focal length is so that I can match cameras perfectly.

If you open the First Person template > Double click the Player Character in the Content Browser > the Click the camera. You should see a ton of setting in the Details panel that should relate fairly well to the settings in Maya. It is possible that Maya handles the values differently though.

In Maya focal length should only be relevant if you’re keeping things in Maya for rendering, film settings etc (and it’s also tied to the fov, so you can’t really set both separately).

Anyways, if you’re sure that your fov and aspects are matching (your aspect looks different in the screenshot you attached), then try changing your viewport-gate settings in maya.

I haven’t checked if this is correct for unreal, but it should probably be set to “Resolution gate” & “Horizontal”. (And make sure the correct resolution/aspect is set in the render settings.)

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I had resolution gate on. Turns out that for some reason my aperture locked my FOV at 20º lower than it was actually displaying. Deleting the camera and using another did the trick. Thanks for your help.

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This could help you