How can I get multiple trigger boxes to display different texts?

Hi, I am currently trying to add in multiple trigger boxes to my level and get each trigger box to display a different line of text, but at the moment, it is just displaying the same line of text as I cross over every trigger box, even the ones that kill the player.

My question is; how do I get the trigger boxes to display different lines of text, and only for the specific trigger boxes and not all the boxes in the level? I have included some images, such as the line in my FirstPersonBlueprint which displays the line of text in game, as well as the line I want to add into the HUD in ts own widget. (which is different to the HUD widget).

I also am confused about what to do, because I’m not sure if this means I need to actually create a blueprint specific to the trigger box.

Alright, so that’s creating the text widget in my HUD, setting it to hidden (don’t know how to make it editable). How am I supposed to bind the text box to the trigger box in the level though?

And where can I find the editable bit for the widget?

to set a variable to editable and expose on spawn, you can find those options in the details panel, right under where you rename the variables and choose its type. if you want to bind a text widget to a variable, you can select the text widget in the UMG designer tab, and right next to where you can set the text value, there is a drop down menu named Bind. as long as you have a local variable that is of type text, you can bind a text widget to it, by selecting it from the drop down.

maybe try with the trigger box selected in the editor, click blueprints and go to level blueprint. right click and add on begin overlap event for the trigger box. then the other actor can drag it out and get it’s hud and cast to it and populate the text variable with whatever its supposed to say. or you can create a separate widget that JUST displays the text you want and create it when the overlap happens so it pops up. Then kill it when the overlap ends (they walk away).