How can I get length (time) of the animation that is currently playing ?

I need to get the length (time; a float) of the animation (not montage, just one of the few imported anims) currently playing. Using that value I can then set wait time on my AI Character to let anim play completely, before switching to the next task. Is it something that can be done via Blueprints ?

Your own c++.
peek into the predictive animation thered, someone shared a bit of code a while back.

… if its an animation pb node you’ll need to change it to be called from the character for fast path / not sure if the used function will affect that.

I don’t C++ unfortunately.

Actually, I used anim notifies to workaround this lacking feature.

is that reliable enough? My anim notifies mostly missfire…

You could add a anim notify to the end of the animation, or use a montage ofc.

Or perhaps if you want to blend a currently playing animation, use something like this in the AnimGraph, and then adjust blend times on the fly,

Anim notifies can missfire when you for instance use a ratio timer remaining and set the float too high, omitting the notify.