How can I get "Get Array"

Hey people,
I’m reading some tutorials and I’m following one of them and I’m having a problem.
In the past hours I’ve trying to get that “Get” but I can’t, I even try to get that Get on original files from the tutorial but I can’t make get to have that outputs.

Right click on the output pin and can you expand it? ( compile first ) ?

What tutorial are you following?

If you are trying to get a node like in the red rectangle from the Backpack Weapons grid (array) pin in the upper left, try dragging off of the Backpack Weapons grid pin and then carefully scan through what is available - don’t just pick the first get node you see as that may be a generic array Get node. Try this with the context sensitive checkbox enabled and disabled, search for “get”, and examine all the results (even if tedious, which it will be with that generic of a search pattern). There may be some kind of breakout Get node in the list somewhere.