How can i get full log from android?

hi, I wanna get log file from android to debug or fix crash.

I got log file from android. but when i open log file, i can see only partial of log file.

I can’t see full text log!! This is end my game log file.

[2015.11.04-03.55.18:675][ 0]LogSpawn:Warning: SpawnActor failed because no class was specified

[2015.11.04-03.55.18:767][ 0]LogInit:Display: Game Engine Initialized.

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:276][ 0]LogAssetRegistry: FAssetRegistry took 0.2313 seconds to start up

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:277][ 0]LogAndroid: Passed GEngineLoop.Init()

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:278][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: DequeueAppEvent : 9, 0

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:278][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: DequeueAppEvent : 7, 0

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:278][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: DequeueAppEvent : 0, 3036190728

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:278][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: DequeueAppEvent : 2, 3036190728

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:279][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: ExecWindowChanged : width: 1280, height: 720

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:279][ 0]LogAndroidEvents:Display: DequeueAppEvent : 11, 0

[2015.11.04-03.55.19:279][ 0]LogAndroid

How can i get full log from android?

you need a logcat, but i really didn’t work deeply with ue android, just making some projects and testing them. you can use logcat separately, with eclipse. but i’m sure there is a better way for monitoring your apk.

Hello fitter,

For getting full logcat text file you can try to use ADB.

For using ADB you have to add this to ‘Path’ environment variable:

‘[path to your android sdk]\android-sdk-windows\tools;[path to your android sdk]\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools;’

Or use ADB from folder:

[path to your android sdk]\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open ‘cmd’ and check your device connection. Use command ‘adb devices’ for this.
  3. If your device connected - start the game.
  4. Use command ‘adb logcat -d > logcat.txt’ for get logcat file.

Note: USB debugging must be enabled on your android device.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, How i can just get log from an app not all android system when it’s in shipping buid…

I need to know this as well…


adb logcat -s UE4

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adb logcat works for development builds only so how to get logs from distribution builds?

For UE5 users the command is now

adb logcat -s UE