How can I get Component World Position?

Hi, i have gotten a bit stuck on trying to get a position of a blueprint component position. What i want is the world position of the component but i keep getting what the components local position to the actor is. I tried setting the Absolute Location to another value but i keep getting what the local position is.

What i currently have is this.

Anyone can see what i’m doing wrong?

I got it working. I just needed to get the transform and get the position from that.

You should also be able to use GetComponentLocation which will give you the location in world space.

Is it right, that the first and second solution don’t work anymore in 4.5? If i tryed to get my world location from firstpersoncamera i dont get any usable variables. Only “absolute location” as Boolean. What does that mean? A Position as boolean?
Thx for answer

For those looking for the correct C++ method, it’s called “GetComponentToWorld()”


Thanks man!

You can also use GetComponentTransform(), which according to comments in code should be favored over GetComponentToWorld() as it might be deprecated at some point.

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