How can I get client to have authority for dealing damage

Hello, so basically I have a gun in my game, and a monster with very thin features. When the client shoots the gun it spawns in an effect that determines if the shot hit, and what part of the body it hit. Since there is network emulation, and the monster is hard to hit, the server detects that the client is missing most of the time, when in fact the client is landing their shots locally. How can I give clients authority for if their shots hit or miss, I understand this isn’t the best practice, but this is a coop game.


You can have the client send a “I hit monster X in location Y” RPC from the client to the server, and then apply the damage on the server and broadcast to all viewers.
You will of course have to trust this message from the client. Which is fine in co-op games where cheating doesn’t really matter.

Thanks! I moved the line trace, and everything after that into the client, and then ran the damage part inside the RPCs.

One more thing, since I moved the logic to the player blueprint, the logic will run on all players, so I had to do something like this