How can i get an object attached to a socket to show up in a matinee sequence

I’m trying to have a npc carry a rifle in matinee everything iv found online has to do with attaching sockets to players but there is nothing on driving socket attachments in matinee.


I’m not sure if you still need help, but for the other ones who visit this page I will answer. You have to add an Eventtrack in the Matinee editor and add a Keyframe on this track. Then call it like you want and go into the levelblueprint. There you have to add a Matinee controller. There should be an exec. output with the name of the Event you created. Then you have to add an “AttachActorToActor” node:

Insert the name of the Socket in the textfield and assume the rest params. Make sure you had make the Object “moveable” and enjoy the Result.