How can I get an animation into PlayMode?

Wasn’t quite sure how I should describe my problem - so I created this short 1-Minute long video to showcase my issue.

Thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!

is this not possible at all?

please let me know if I was posting in the wrong sub-category of the forum.
I was not able to find anything inside the documentation, and I was not able to find any tutorial that would clarify that topic.

thank you so much for any little help, appreciate it!

Hi @Grot13

yes… the sequencer plays animations in runtime using the “Play Button”. If you create a new sequence and you click the play button, you will see the animation. Of course, the actor has to be part of the sequencer.

For the game mode. You are right. The animation or animation sequence needs to be trigger somehow via blueprint.
But the question is: How?