How can I get actors that spawn during game play to stay in the level if you exit the level?


How can I get actors that spawn in a level during game play to stay in that level when I exit the game and come back? Is there a way to save the level during game play?

When I start the game up again the player will always start at the player start which will be in the same location every time you start the level.

But how can I get actors that spawn during game play to stay in the level when I come back? So far I have read about save game and game instances and havent gotten either of them to work for me. I am not at home at the moment, so I will post pictures of my blue prints when first chance comes.

Thanks in advance!!

Yeah SaveGame is probably your best way to handle this. It’s not too hard to get working if you have any specific questions about that let us know. I would just save the actor’s transform in the Save class and load that up on starting the level and spawn the user at that location.

I got it to work with save game. I pretty much need to save all the variables and location of the item when I exit the game and then spawn the item and set the variables. Thanks so much guys! Now I need to figure out how to save my inventory. I tried taking a jab at it and got no where.

Thanks in advance!

hi i’ve been researching the save game system, it is the worst documented part of UE4 and probably the most important. Threads often go like this though, no real solution published to the community about something that is badly needed, namely saving and loading object locations. The one page on save game in the UE4 documentation is really simple and only about saving variables. I need to save vectors for objects and the name of the object, and i am having a helluva time finding any information on this.

Can anyone enlighten me about what the solution is?