How can i get a variable from each actor in a world?

So i already know about the get all actors of class node, but i don’t really understand the for each loop thing and i don’t know how i can get the same variable from each actor and use them separately. I hope i explained it well

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The for each loop lets you apply one operation for every actor it found, specified by the actor class. To get a variable from this your actor needs to have a variable created by you and it must be public or you can access variables that are inherited by the base class e.g. display name.

There are some good videos and tutorials available online which can guide you more to the concepts of blueprints and oop (object-oriented programming) which will help you a lot.
e.g. Blueprint Essentials: For Each Loop | 12 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
or starting with BP essentials on

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thanks, i get it now