How can I get a projectile to fire the way my character is facing in a Top Down Template?

Hi guys, I have modified the top down template to incorporate WASD control (the original template is mouse only) and I have also brought in the projectile firing elements from the first-person template, but I am having a problem directing the fire. I want to fire projectiles in the direction I am facing, but they always fire along the x-axis.

I figure the answer must lie in what I plug into the Rotation node on the Make Transform box as I can change the direction of fire to a new one if I plug arbitrary values there - but after trying various combos of player/pawn/rotation nodes with no success I’m struggling to think of how to solve this problem. Any ideas? Could the answer lie in the MyProjectile blueprint rather than the MyController bp?


There is a post about this that may be able to help you located here:

Towards the bottom, of the thread the community offers up ways to handle this.