How can I get a pointer pointing to a blueprint?

Similar to how texture pointers are set up, would this code work to create a pointer to a blueprint? (In this case, “CrosshairTex” is a pointer to a UTexture2D.)

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder CrosshiarTexObj(TEXT(“/Game/Textures/Crosshair2”));

CrosshairTex = CrosshiarTexObj.Object;

I would imagine something like this would do it:

ConstructorHelpersFObjectFinder<UBlueprint> BlueprintObj(TEXT("Blueprint'/Game/Blueprints/SomeBlueprint.SomeBlueprint'");

UBlueprint* blueprint
     blueprint = BlueprintObj.Object

You can get the reference text to your blueprint by right clicking on the blueprint in the Content Browser and then clicking ‘Copy Reference’

You need a :: between ConstructorHelpers and FObjectFinder.

 ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UBlueprint>    BlueprintObj(TEXT("Blueprint'/Game/Path/SomeBlueprint.SomeBlueprint'"));

 UBlueprint* blueprint;
 if (BlueprintObj.Succeeded()) {
      blueprint = BlueprintObj.Object;