How can I get a list of actors in a scene?

Hi, I want to receive a list of actors placed in my scene. Also, I have a subquestion - Is it possible to access actors in my content browser

Hi @pareylook
you can use the node “get all actors of class” and set it to have a list of all that kind of actors in the scene.
You surely dont want to list all what is in the scene like static mesh pointlight postprocess volumes…

You can run “get all actors of class” multiple times to obtain all traps, pickable, ammos that you placed in the scene, and use “get lenght” to get the lenght of the list .

I dont understand what you mean by access actors in content browser

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Thank you so much! It works! About “content browser” I was thinking about folders. I mean folder like “Content”. Is it possible to access files in the content folder.

It really depends on what the end goal is here. Perhaps you could look into Editor Utility Widgets / Blueprint. For example, this:

Would produce a list of selected elements in CB:

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