How can I get a fisheye effect?


I am currently trying to get a fisheye effect on the camera view but I can’t get it quite to work.
This is how it currently looks:

As you can see at the side it stretches this is not what I want.
I have used the following tutorial video which shows how to get the effect with a material:

After the tutorial I have added the following part as a post process(added a post process volume) to work with the scenery(view):

Anyone know what I did wrong? Or is there some other way to achieve a fish eye “effect” on the view of the game?
The reason why I am trying to add this effect is so that it looks like you are on a planet.

I found the answer to this question on the last comment here how to make lens distortion work? - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums.
Good luck.

You can check this solution, It’s vertex shader. [Vertex shader] making .usf file work - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

do a flow map: