How can i get a correct shadowmap on a static mesh?


Newbie here, trying to understand static lighting.

I got a model from the sketchup 3D warehouse and try to light it.

The model has only one uv channel (channel 0) and an external texture applies correctly on it.

It renders correctly when movable, but when set to static the shadowmap pattern repeats itself on the surface of the model instead of being applied correctly.

I asked ue4 to generate some unique uv on uv channel 1, still wrong, but with a different pattern (so at least it seems to have some effect).

Can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong and push me in the right direction to get a correct shadowmap ?



Just because i am limited to 2 uploads in the initial post, here is the static vs movable versions of the same mesh (inside a lightmass importance volume).

Just in case it helps^^

You are in luck Cedric,

Someone has made a four video tutorial on exactly what you are trying to do and the problems you may face.

Here is the link

Make sure to visit his website About World of Level Design and Alex Galuzin
There are quite a bit of videos that may help you.


Thank you very much !

Great tut and great site(s) !
I got my answer in the video, in case anyone read this: i just needed to define the right “light map coordinate index” in the mesh (same number as the uv channel i use for lightmap).

This question is resolved,
Thanks again,