How can I get a character to walk normally on a physics actor?

I thought this would be an easy Google job, but I can’t find anything.

I need my player character to be able to use see-saws, stand on stacked boxes and walk on top of other physics actors.

Surely its possible to be able to have a ‘Character’ (with the inherit capsule bounds) be able to walk on top of something that’s physics enabled without either the character being launched/pushed off or the other actor pushed through the floor.

I’m using the base character from Third Person Project, but I’ve noticed the exact same thing with the character from First Person Project.

I’ve spent about an hour tweaking my character movement and capsule, especially the physics options and the check that treats the capsule as if it had a flat bottom and also the physics of the other actors as well, but I cannot get anything close to stable.

What are my options here?
Is there some miracle setting for either my character or the physics actors that will make this just work?
Can I somehow change the inherited capsule in my character to a box for better collision?
Is the Character class just no good for physics interaction and I need to make a pawn from scratch?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, but I made a small webm to show the problem I’m having.

The physics actors are fine stacked on each other but as soon as the pawn gets on/near them they constantly get pushed away. I’ve tried reducing character movement’s impulse touch to 0, but I still get the same thing.

You’ll get the exact same thing if you load up a first/third person starter project, put an actor on the ground, enable physics and walk on it.

Solved! Turns out it was the character’s mesh.

By default, the inherited mesh inside the character class where you place your mesh is set to ‘Character Mesh’. For whatever reason this suits the default UE4 character, but not other meshes.

If you have this issue, simply change the mesh’s Collision Presets to ‘NoCollision’.

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