How can I get a capsule's Vertical or Lateral velocity or speed.

I am working with UE4’s character blueprint and movement component, and I was wondering if there is a way to get the capsules vertical speed and its lateral speed separately? I would like my characters In Air animations to be controlled by how fast he is moving up or down, and how fast he is moving across the XY plane. I know how to get velocity in the Anim blueprints event graph and control a variable with it, but the velocity is both up or down, and left or right/front to back. So I need to be able to get its different velocities separately from one another. I am relatively new to blueprint, and I am an animator not a programmer :(. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

Get_player_controller > get_player_character > cast to player character > as player character get Physical velocity of whatever component is the character skeletal mesh

Then break vector, kill (zero) axis you do not want (for eg, vertical axis if you want only xy velocity), make wvector again, get its length

Now you may need replace “get physical velocity” with some other get velocity. I am not sure here i did not play with characters yet.